The TimeKeepers
A play by Dan Clancy
Director: Lee Gilat
Actors: Roy Horovitz,
Rami Baruch / Pinhas Mittelman, Omer Etzion
Original score: Daniel Salomon
Vocal coach: Prof. Hanna Hacohen

Hans, an outrageous young camp German homosexual, and Benjamin, a conservative elderly Jewish man appear at first to have little in common. Working together, repairing watches for the Nazis, suspicion, prejudice indifference slowly give way to a touching friendship. Benjamin can mend watches. Hans knows how to survive. None of them can really sing opera. So what’s to be done? Humour, apparently, is a great weapon

This award-winning drama, which has toured Israel to great acclaim with this cast for over eight years, deals with the Holocaust in a way that accentuates the private experience amidst a tragedy of millions. It became an 'International hit' and "The most performed Israeli piece of theatre in the world"!!!

Up to now, it enjoyed successful runs in:
  • England
  • Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Greece
  • Canada
  • U.S.A.
  • South Africa
The play also won his playwright two awards (The Hudson River Classics Playwright’s Award and the Writer’s Digest Playwright’s Contest Award).

Rave Reviews:

"This is a really beautiful, intense piece of theatre… It is all too rare to see such a gripping and moving production in a smaller fringe theatre and all involved are to be congratulated… catch it while you can."
(The British Theatre Guide)

"Very strong performances…Not only a good night’s entertainment, but a great one"
(Irish Theatre Magazine)

"The exceptional piece of theatre that comes from Israel is rare indeed. You might expect it to be tense and heartbreaking. And The TimeKeepers is both. It is beautifully, insightfully acted in every moment. Any play set during the Holocaust that is also about private holocausts, and about the cumulative effect of small moral failings, is already doing something special. If it makes you smile, too, well, it is to be prized"
(Edmonton Journal)

"Lee Gilat’s low-key production delivers heartfelt performances from her Israeli cast"
(The Times)
Rami Baruch, Roy Horovitz